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How long does resurfacing cabinets last?

Jul 2

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The average time resurfacing cabinets can last.

A nicely built house is what everyone always aimed and dreamed of, and that is why most people work hard to achieve it. Envisioning it is like a fuel that drives the dreams and turns them into reality. Every part of the house will surely be treasured and taken care of when it is already achieved, for it is the fruit of their labor. But just like any things, no matter how much you will take care of it, it will still become old and needs some remodeling to bring back its beauty.

Resurfacing cabinets is one of the common things that many homeowners would do to bring back the old house’s stunning home design. It is a good, cost saving way to get rid of that old greasy stuff in kitchen cabinets because those are prone to that due to constant cooking. It gives the existing cabinet what is needed things to do to make it look fresh and clean. But how would we know if resurfacing is what it needs and not replacing?

As a homeowner, we should know what exactly to choose. A cabinet replacement which is a bit expensive, or cabinet resurfacing which gives you value for your money for the output could be the same but less cost because the budget and home situation are the things that only we can decide.

The indication to choose to resurface is when we just want a simple remodeling, that the layout is still good the way it is, and the cabinets are still in good shape. But if you want to change a new layout, especially bigger than the old one, you need to replace everything to follow the design that you want to.

The average years for a resurfacing cabinet will last for as long as 15 to 20 years, but also it all depends on how it was work, and the proper application of veneers. Chipping and peeling may happen, and there could be difficulty in making some repairs. But if a reliable expert will do it, expect a quality service that could last long years.