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Feb 12

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Fall is a great time to remodel your kitchen. It's colder, the temperature has dropped and the kids aren't as barefoot. This gives you something to look forward to when the colder months arrive.

A new kitchen and custom-made cabinets are a great way to pamper yourself this fall. Custom-built cabinets offer many benefits.

Custom Built Cabinets: Benefits

Stock cabinets can be cheaper than custom cabinets Richmond, but they lack personality.

Custom To Your Tastes

This fall, get the cabinets that you desire. Choose the style, color, and size that you like. Select the wood and make sure to include a special cabinet for any awkward corners.

You have many options when you are able to design your cabinets and choose the accessories that go with them. You can also change your cabinets easily if you wish.

Cabinets of good quality are versatile. You can paint them or stain them, change the handles or color to give them a new look, or even have them stained.

Ultimate Space Use

Your kitchen space is unique, so your cabinets should be. Kitchens are often remodeled over time, even if you don't live in a new house. This means that cabinets are removed, windows are added, and space isn't ideal for standard cabinets.

Your kitchen will function better if you have custom cabinets. You can have everything you need where it is needed.

You will also feel freer to work in this area. You will have more space because custom cabinets can be placed where standard cabinets cannot.

High ceilings allow cabinets to be raised, which allows for more space for appliances, floor space, and counter space. Even odd-shaped cookware can be given its own space.

Higher Quality

Cabinets made from custom materials will be of better quality. You choose the material you prefer and they will be made to fit your kitchen.

Because they are made with care and designed to fit into your space, they will last longer. They are handmade by people who enjoy what they do. These cabinets are hand-made, not by a converter belt.

They will look better, perform better and last longer. Custom cabinets can save you money in the long term because they are more durable and perform better.

Better for the Planet

Stock cabinets can be made out of many things that you wouldn't normally allow in your home. Custom cabinets are more precise and you can be sure what you're getting. Most reputable contractors use wood that is plentiful.

Custom for Life

The heart of your home is often the kitchen. There is a lot to do in the kitchen. You can eat there, have time with your family, make food, and converse over coffee or a cold drink after work.

Everyone has experienced the frustration of a poorly-constructed or installed kitchen. Make sure to tell your contractor about your wish list.

We can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Custom Cabinets by Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing all custom cabinets are handcrafted by skilled cabinetmakers.

They are more than just storage. Call us to schedule a consultation and learn when your custom cabinets can be delivered this fall.


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