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Jan 19

Drywall Damage: The Top 5 Reasons

A homeowner can have a difficult time repairing drywall. Although you won't need to repair the damage yourself you have to be concerned about it happening again. These are the most common causes of drywall damages. Click here to find out more about them and be prepared for the future.

It is one of the greatest joys of homeownership to wake up and find that your wall has begun to crumble due to a small water leak.

Drywall damage can be a difficult and complicated problem that many homeowners are not prepared for. You should contact an expert if you see any cracks, holes, or buckling in the walls.

First, let's talk about what can damage your drywall. Continue reading to find out more.

1. Plumbing Leaks

Water damage is one of the most common causes of drywall breaking.

You may have major problems down the line if your plumbing is old or poorly installed. Water-damaged drywall is one of these.

You should immediately inspect your drywall for bulging and fix any water damage. You will then be able to replace or patch your drywall.

2. Poor Fastening

Most likely, your drywall was attached to the wall using joint fastening tape.

This thick tape will eventually begin to pull apart the drywall that it is holding together. This will be evident in your walls.

Sometimes, nails can poke through walls and make it obvious that the drywall was not properly installed. This is when the drywall nails don't fit into the stud.

Do not hammer the nail back in place if you see a nail sticking out. Before you nail it in place, it is best to take it out and locate the stud.

3. Cracking

Cracks may occur when drywall is not properly installed. Ceiling cracks are the most common. You should immediately contact an expert to repair the damage.

Cracked drywall can be dangerous. Cracking of the drywall is a safety concern. Sometimes cracking can also be caused by the settlement of your home.

Cracks should not be ignored. Cracks will only grow larger and could lead to a costly and difficult repair.

4. Termite Damage

Many homeowners are concerned about termites.

Call an exterminator if you see termite damage. Pinholes, hollow sounds when you strike the wall, or damage to wood and paint are indicators of termite damage.

5. Holes

Holes are the most visible sign of drywall damage.

A structural problem is any type of hole in a wall. There are many reasons for holes. Furniture bouncing against the wall too hard, doors bursting open and not being closed before they hit the wall. Sometimes, damage can be caused by children and their toys.

It is just one of these things. It's important to repair and patch holes in your drywall as soon as you notice them.

This will prevent the drywall from cracking even more, which could lead to a complete wall replacement.

Drywall damage? Drywall Damage?

It's always a good idea for a professional to help with drywall repair Houston.

If damage is not addressed promptly, it can often become more severe. Contact us for a free inspection and a quote when you think that your drywall may need to be repaired.


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